Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Proposed Tax Break for Canadian Cyclists

Canadian legislators are currently considering a proposal which would eliminate the goods and service tax (GST) "from bicycles and cycling-related goods and services including panniers, helmets, locks, repairs and bike safety courses."

Joyce Murray, the liberal MP from Vancouver Quadra, introduced the legislation specifically "to encourage cycling."

Joyce Murray, the Canadian MP who is proposing to eliminate the GST on bicycles and bicycle-related products

Bravo MP Murray! Now, once you've convinced the Canadian Parliament that this makes sense, could you come south and pitch your idea to Washington, please?

See Cheryl Rossi's full story in the Vancouver Courier here.

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jamesmallon said...

Greenwash! As a Canadian I'm happy to take the money, and I already did with my Ontario provincial exemption (not like our feds to be original). However, this is a forest for the trees thing. This is a federal 'Conservative' gov't: that's their name, and their opponents are 'Liberals' - isn't that much simpler than Republican/Democrat? The same 'Conservative' gov't from Alberta which supports the tar sands and Bush's oil-wars (yes, niave co-nationals, I know we are in Afghanistan, but every soldier of ours there is another the US can put in Iraq, duh). Also the same 'Conservatives' who have held up desparatly needed public transit which would cut far more carbon than this exemption.