Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Bicycle for a Day" Comes to New York City

Matthew Modine is not just another pretty face on a movie screen. He is also founder of the organization "Bicycle for a Day" (BFAD), an group dedicated to demonstrating the benefits of cyclo-commuting and other alternative forms of transportation with low carbon emissions. The group just sponsored its first major event, "Bike for a Day," on September 10 in New York City.

"Bicycle for a Day" logo

"Bicycle for a Day was founded in an effort to raise awareness of the ease and health benefits of carbon-emission-free transportation alternatives such as walking and biking, but also on a much broader level, to inspire and inform the public of the simple practices they can implement in their every day lives that would collectively have a huge impact in our fight against global warming," said Modine.

Matthew Modine

Bicycle for a day? That sounds good, but if it leads to people bicycling EVERY day, that will be even better.

See a press release for the event here.

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Amsterdamize said...

hi, I posted about Bicycle For A Day in July after he found my pics on Flickr, while I had found Matthew's 'The Perfect Circle' film on Vimeo (funny thing). If you like, you can embed that video in your post, too.