Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dublin's Ecocabs are Pedal Powered

"Mother Proof" just ran a story by Emily Hansen on a "new twist on bicycle rickshaws." Dubbed Ecocabs, these are being used in the most congested parts of Dublin. The rickshaws are three-wheeled recumbents with a plastic or fiberglass body to protect the cabbie and passengers from the elements. These cabs can carry up to three passengers.

An Ecocab, ready for action

The body panels also serve a second purpose; they turn the Ecocabs into rolling billboards. The money paid by advertisers fully funds the Ecocab program, which allows passengers to use these vehicles free of charge.

While I shudder at the thought of yet another form of corporate marketing forcing its way into my life, I would make an exception in this case. If Ecocabs came to my home town, I would welcome them with or without ads.

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Amsterdamize said...

That type is made in Germany and is very popular in Europe, even more so in Amsterdam, this is just one example of exactly HOW popular. :-p

It's been booming so much over here, that there are now 3 different commercial bike taxi companies in the city. It's started small, subsidized by the government, but now they stand firm on 3 to speak.

keep on riding and cheers,